About us

  • KEOPS AGRO is an agricultural and livestock company which grows a range of produce, specialising in tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and citrus fruits.

    Our production is certified to conform to ecological farming, in which we have over 12 years’ experience. From the very beginning KEOPS AGRO has been researching and developing a line of organic farming with the aim of controlling and producing all the inputs needed to obtain 100% ecological produce. We have achieved this aim thanks to our investment in R&D and our effort to satisfy our customers’ demands.

  • Ecological Production

  • Where are we?

    KEOPS AGRO is exceptionally well situated, in La Cañada de San Urbano (Almería), the region with the most hours of sunlight in Europe.

    The facilities are designed to ensure that the produce reaches the consumer as fresh as possible, and for this reason the production units are self-sufficient.

  • Situación Keops Agro